My Undying Love For Bridges

Bridges connect lands, shine after rain, and wink when there’s sun on steel.

I’m very familiar with these bridges — they get my undivided attention.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects Staten Island and Brooklyn. Longest suspension bridge span in the US. 11th longest in the world.29511_441632925624_6890669_n



George Washington Bridge connects Manhattan and New Jersey. World’s busiest motor vehicle bridge, carries 102 million vehicles every year.Manhattan.20mile walk.pregnancy 218

Manhattan.20mile walk.pregnancy 189

Manhattan.20mile walk.pregnancy 196

Manhattan.20mile walk.pregnancy 209

Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Love locks and the everlasting love.






6 thoughts on “My Undying Love For Bridges

  1. i used to ride to verrazano bridge all the time when i lived in staten island. if you make it to portland, the willamette river is packed full of great ones as well.

  2. Bridges…. A powerful symbolism behind them… I see them as ways to connect people, basically… That´s why we say to burn bridges when we just cut off someone, for example… these photographs here are epic!. Great to find this great post among your archives… Love & all my best wishes! 😀

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