Street Life Inequality

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about street is crowd, and how people in the crowd are either active or inactive. Other things that become part of street may lie in the periphery, adding layers and colors.

People in these pictures are impersonators from two different locations: one, from posh-yet-punishing Los Angeles in the US, and the other, buzzing-yet-backward Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.

Los Angeles punishes strugglers. Legend has it that Brad Pitt was once an impersonator before he became what he became. Here in the picture, an impersonator has become Robert Pattinson, who looked fit and might not be a hungry man. People were paying him for a picture.313056_10150380572860625_4919311_n

Santo Domingo has a lot of hungry people. The impersonator in the picture, who looked stoned, stood in that position for a long time; the street was empty. But he performed ‘Dangerous’ moves later in the evening as people swarmed the El Conde Street. Michael Jackson later told me that he’d moonwalk all day to eat one meal at night. When I offered him Presidente beer he drank it with his meal, following which he asked me if I wanted to smoke weed.1071355_10151822514175625_2008872921_o



23 thoughts on “Street Life Inequality

  1. very cool post – really nice take on the theme – and I especially enjoyed learning about the “impersonator” in that last photo…

  2. Nice photos, but (always a ‘but’, dammit) they came up awesome small on my screen.
    Tiny whets the appetite but I’d love to see them bigger—? (especially that curvy girl one … boom boom!)

  3. Ahem, MJ told you…? What are impersonators? People resembling the real ones or just dressed up as them? I remember a statue-man in Seattle, who scared us by coming alive.

    • Interesting questions 🙂 Thanks for asking. Since I didn’t know the impersonator’s name, I named him MJ (surprise!). Impersonator is someone who assumes the character or appearance of the person he’s impersonating. An impersonator may or may not be a lookalike.

  4. I didn’t have a clue of what an “impersonator” was until I read your post. I guess we don’t have a word for the concept in Portugal but we have an expression that is “monkey of imitation” like the saying “monkey see, monkey do”. So my first impression of your post was “wau! I learned something new today” – thank you! 😀

    The second story made me think of how people from poorer countries with fewer opportunities actually live life in its “best” – like that quote which says “the happiest people don’t have the best but make the best of what they have”. I don’t know if it was the case, but it made me remember about similar “street artists” (as I called them) in Lisbon with a smile and eager to live.

    • Thanks Vanessa for sharing these interesting thoughts 🙂 Yes, life is tough for majority of people but believe me, they’re far more strong-willed than those doing relatively better. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  5. I love your take on the ‘Street’ challenge. The top pic of LA is very familiar to me (I’m a Brit who lived in California for 20 years, my ex and in-laws were from LA) and I have a photo of my youngest son and daughter standing next to a Storm Trouper. Of course, had to be done, right, being Star Wars fans and all, 😉
    Love the way you showed the two different takes on street life with your ‘behind the scenes of Hollywood’ thoughts on people struggling to make ends meet (even Michael Jackson once upon a time – ironic that isn’t it? And very sad…..but that’s another story!) and then the truly homeless person in Santo Domingo. Great stuff, very though-provoking Thanks for this – Sherri

    • Thank you Sherri for your kind words 🙂 You’ve made my day 🙂 When I saw the MJ impersonator standing like that for a long time, I thought about LA impersonators who often had people around them. I understood it to be a case of Poor Impersonator vs Rich Impersonator. When you pay Robert Pattinson you’re probably paying for his career, but when you pay MJ you certainly are paying for his weed. I love MJ.

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