Sister Oracle At Quincy Market


She became a work of art herself standing there hours on end, which required a lot of strength and resoluteness. This was in the summer of 2011 in Boston.


She moved only when she had to give chits.

Place a dollar in the column and receive a fortune. Though we didn’t place the bill, the ones who did were given chits. She kept her expression intact as she picked the chit from her funnel bag, her movement graceful.

She’s Sister Oracle. Oracles are like the portals of heaven through which gods communicate directly with people.


15 thoughts on “Sister Oracle At Quincy Market

  1. I’ve seen a couple of these artists before, and I find it amazing, how they are so still, for so long. Such strength and endurance.

  2. Love this! I’ve seen people do this in London along the Embankment by the Thames and I watch in awe as they stand so still for so long. Really incredible and a great entry for the Art challenge Mahesh 🙂

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