Humanity Outside The Museum Of Royal Houses


Outside the Museum of Royal Houses in Santo Domingo, though this ice cream vendor was eating his lunch, he was ready to sell his cones and bars as he stood up at the sight of the oncoming steps. He was taking another bite when he heard the click of my camera snapping this photo. He scanned my body language hoping that my steps would lead to him, which they did. I bought a vanilla cone.

Since his food depended on those sales, I asked him if he’d ever eaten his meals in peace. He said, “Sales give peace. One cone, more? please.”

12 thoughts on “Humanity Outside The Museum Of Royal Houses

  1. nice take on the challenge – and you have a sweet heart for people – yes you do! and I wish I was there to help his sales too. have a nice day write mite!

  2. In New Zealand he’d have real problems setting up shop. There’s environment protection laws, council bylaws, health department laws, save-the-planet laws … and licences to get from every man, woman, and dog; and of course the anti-fats health brigade would insist his products be fat-free (a pity for them, fat is being rehabilitated even as I write this) and he’d be so busy with inspections all the time his potential customers would have to get in line and bring sandwiches and a good book. Did I mention labels?

    • LOL. This man may not go to New Zealand even in his dreams. Hope there are enough vendors there to meet the demands of the people. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂

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