Love/Hate Snow

This is my B/W post for Day 1 of the 5 Day photo challenge. The wonderful Prior linked me for this challenge.

We all know what happened in Massachusetts when it topped 100 inches of snow in a record breaking winter. Contrary to what the weathermen had predicted, New York, New Jersey, and the other states in the East Coast were spared the assault.

Though it’s been snowing in NY and NJ intermittently, the snow that fell for two consecutive days last week showed aggression:

This gull’s perched on a snow-assaulted railing. When you look into its eyes, you see purpose and no purpose. Contradictory? Well, gulls live a purposeless life, I believe, but are purposeful enough to be purposeless. They’re the spiritual heads of the birds’ fraternity.DSCN1816

Bicycle told snow: “Spare me. Jam Mercedes’ tires instead.” DSCN1838

These are not my footsteps — could’ve been mine. I followed them, some followed mine.DSCN1867

Gravity-defying stunt


Whose car is it? Mine. What next? What next!IMG_0379

I link the great Kim Gosselin for this challenge. She’s a lovely photographer, too.

15 thoughts on “Love/Hate Snow

  1. oh great choices for b &w – with the differing contrast – and your play on words (spare me – with the bike/car notes – ha!) and the philosophy “they live a purposeless life, but to be purposeless they have to be purposeful” but my fav is the grace and gravity – so true – and that photo actually looks like stalactites from caverns – wow – you must have some archive of photos to whip this one out like this – 🙂

  2. Gorgeous pics for the challenge Mahesh, all beautiful (I adore snow pics) but my favourite is the gull. I love his expression…and let’s hope that he knows his purpose, albeit finding his next meal even when feather deep in snow 😉

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