Love/Hate Snow 2

For Day 2 of my B/W Photo Challenge, let the snow assault continue. But I promise I’ll kindle you with warmth from Day 3 onward.

Tried sitting on them? If they are flurries the first five seconds may feel cushy. Then: sit at your own risk.IMG_0359

Workers shoveling snow was a good sight. The sun shone bright; their shadows were big.11053084_10153219093570625_6815545349298158174_n

Insignificant when we don’t have to answer nature’s call? But when we do, this has top significance. There are some who want cleaner options even in the times of crisis.IMG_0329

What tires could do to snow: it becomes muddy, slushy, and lose what, the white.11025163_10153219094380625_8579846165506570706_n

All of us have a long, lone journey. We come and go, alone. The only truth.IMG_0371

I link Maniparna for this challenge. Her posts and photos are interesting.

14 thoughts on “Love/Hate Snow 2

  1. well I came here from twitter – because I loved the umbrella shot – but found another little story. you have such a knack for adding a few thoughts to each photo that makes it come to life. and this time – I fist viewed each picture – then read your take – and two thumbs up – hard to pick a fav – but the lines with the shovelers and the way they are positioned is super cool – and then the johnny on the spot had such nice contrast with the tree – but you had me laughing with your comment – and side note – well we have a story of going to a wedding in Vermont – and we had to beta renatl car from the airport and drive into the mountains to a wee little b & b. so it was late – we had just passed a check point for DUI (they closed off an entire road to check – and we thought that was way cool to keep drunks off the road) anyhow, it was an emergency to use the rest room as we were going up these small roads – and out of nowhere – on the side of a building – there was one of the port-a-john – and clean inside too – so I agree – not everyone’s first choice – but truly a great invention.,

      • and speaking of duo – not sure if you get wise geek emails – but they just noted that under 2 % of drunk drivers get caught… well I will share the snippet they sent – but I LOVE check points and wish we had more of them… (have a good night) and here is the snippet from WG:

        On average, someone arrested for drunken driving has driven drunk 80 times
        before, without being caught.

        Each day, almost 300,000 drunk drivers take to the roads in the US and on
        average, just over 3,500 are arrested for driving under the influence,
        according to 2012 FBI statistics. So, a drunken driver has less than a 1.5%
        chance of being caught. On average, a drunk driver will drive under the
        influence about 80 times before their first arrest.

        Read More:

      • 🙂 0 and one thing I try to raise awareness about is that “driving buzzed” is still dangerous — I think that is where many people get in trouble – they minimize it in their head –

      • Interesting:

        In an effort to make our roads safer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, did some investigation and found that young men between the ages of 18 and 34 were responsible for the vast majority of drunk-driving accidents. But when asked, these young men made a distinction between being drunk and being buzzed.

        “Everyone understands dancing-with-a-lampshade drunk and says they would never drive like that. But they do drive with a buzz on because they don’t believe they are impaired,” said Robin Mayer of the NHTSA.

        These men defined “buzzed” as having a couple of beers, but when pressed, “a couple of beers” was more like “eight to 10 beers.”

      • oh wow!! I am going to share that with my son – and gulp – just bought my baby his first car – he gets his learner permit soon and found the perfect car after patiently looking – (I know I have said this before M – but the years go fast so be sure to soak up every stay with your kid (s) – even though I know you will – and do!!)
        anyhow, a few years ago when my boys were just preteens – a good friend of mine who has similar aged boys well for a few years our families hung out all the time. and then for a short season – we sometimes would plan adventure days – like one of mine was lunch out – art stuff – and then got t-shirts at the short pump mall from this now closed down store called “NOTW” — anyhow, on one of her adventure days – she ended up taking them to a little city called ashland, VA (who fought for years to keep wal-mart out of there town – but it came anyway) – anyhow, they went to an event from MADD – and I am still grateful. They target pre-teens and educate them on so many things – including a tour of crashed cars that are visible to show the reality of what duo can lead to.
        And so I think when it comes to duo (and other things) sometimes parents start too late – but young kids are smart and again, I am still grateful to this momma….

      • I hope the impression your boys got at MADD would stay with them forever (especially after their tour of “crashed cars”). You’re grateful to this momma and I’m sure your sons will be grateful to you. I say this because when parents don’t take responsibility (and children grow fast) there comes a time when rebellious teens may act recklessly. DUI may be a kind of thrill for young minds.

      • yup – so true! so true – and all the more why raising awareness can help – because when we develop empathy and show “:sobering” images and pictures and artifacts of crashed – and even just talk about the impact of alcohol – well it all adds up – and one other thing we have tried to teach our kids early on is not so much that the alcohol is the bad thing – it is the way it is used as a coping tool or when it gets misused and whatnot –

      • They are lucky to have a parent like you. Love that you do open and transparent communication. You nail it when you say alcohol isn’t bad but what’s bad is if it’s used as a coping tool.

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