The Yacht Man

For Day 3 of my B/W Photo Challenge, I present to you the Yacht man. I captured these moments one evening from the living room of our apartment.

He was up on the mast, repairing the halyard. When I was clicking him I wondered: what he’d eaten for lunch, if he’d fought with his family that morning, and weirdly, if he’d added coke or soda to his vodka.

I don’t think he’s checking his phone here. He may want to — the altitude might give him a good reception.DSCN1555

Here, he’s trying to pull a tool out of his repair kit; he’ll have to find it first.DSCN1564

Work has begun, and he’s peering in the direction of Brooklyn.DSCN1553

Is someone calling him from below, or is he gauging the altitude? “Will I survive if I fall, and if I survive, what’ll be left of me?”DSCN1554

He has a good view of downtown Manhattan, and with dusk approaching, the Hudson River traffic will peak.DSCN1562

The full view of the yacht and the man. Way ‘up’ to go.DSCN1545

A wider view.DSCN1559

The widest view the camera could get. Spot the yacht man?DSCN1561

The most zoomed-out click. He looks tired.DSCN1565

I figured by the end of it all that I had forgotten to eat lunch, fought with family in the morning and that, I would’ve added soda to my vodka.

I link Blewbird for this challenge. This blog has several breathtaking pictures.

14 thoughts on “The Yacht Man

    • Thanks for writing. Yes, there’s always a risk there. He may not be worrying too much; the people who are watching him are worried though. Great weekend to you too 😄

  1. M – enjoyed the zooming out effect we had as the post went on – and whew, such a reminder that boating is very hard work. Also, your humor again…. lightly woven in…. brought life and some warmth to the post – and you have quite a nice view!

  2. Rather him than me, yikes!! I am happy on the yacht, not sitting so high above it, but I suppose someone has to do it, some of the time. Always something needing fixing on a boat. And again, what an incredible view you have from your living room my friend. Hope you got your lunch and peace reigned once more at home… 🙂

  3. Never thought yachts would have such tall masts! Amazing, as is the fact that these people climb up all that way and do repairs and such! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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