The Empire State Building


Clouds may gather, dusk may approach, people may whisper – the Empire stays true to its name.

For Day 4 of my B/W Photo Challenge, I show you the 360-degree views from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

Seeking happiness among the concrete?

South view: downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Hudson River, New Jersey. The Freedom Tower stands tall.IMG_3046

North view: midtown, uptown, Central Park (oasis among the concrete).IMG_3078

East view: East River, Queens, Brooklyn.IMG_3148

West view: New Jersey, the Hudson River (a beautiful river separating Manhattan from New Jersey).IMG_3066

A panoramic view encompassing East River, downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River, New Jersey, and a slice of the observation deck itself.IMG_3051

I link Sabiscuit for this challenge. Sabiscuit is an impressive blog.

26 thoughts on “The Empire State Building

  1. I love that image from way up high of Manhattan and the bay. An ancestor of mine was the First mate to Henry Hudson and on the same ship when HH discovered the Hudson River. Would you be surprised to learn I’ve never been to NY? I haven’t but NYC but it is on my “bucket list”. I have cousins in NY to this day from my ancestors line. Isn’t that amazing? I think so and am awe every time I think of it. Your images are wonderful, and I love the high vantage point! I really do need to get myself over to the East Coast before it’s too late!

    • Thanks for the detailed comment. Great to know about your connection with Henry Hudson and the river. We’ve been seeing this river from our apartment for seven years now. I’ll remember you when I see it next. And yes, it’s strange that you haven’t been here. Plan the trip. I promise I’ll take you to the Empire State 😄 Great weekend to you!

  2. You live in New York? Cool! I was there for a trip and went to the two observation decks (that was some time ago, not sure if still has that organization). It was scary at the high heights but you show the view here so well. I like the angle of the top photo the best! 🙂

  3. Hello Mahesh, how are you and how’s everything going on? You may or may not remember me as “ISpontein”. 😀

  4. Wonderful photos of the City. As a tree hugger it feels like it is overgrown in cement and you captured this very well. Imagine if in between every building there had to be a section of trees to help clean the air. That would be wonderful!!

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 There’s a patch of green here and there. NYC has some great parks too but I agree that much of the city is overgrown in cement. “Overgrown in cement” is an interesting phrase.

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