Bowlmor Friday Fun At Chelsea Piers

First off, bowling has always been popular. Millions of people have played it for thousands of years, believe it or not.

Way back in 5,200 B.C., bowling balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian king. In fourth century Germany, where bowling was part of a religious ceremony, those who could knock down the pins were believed to be of good character and those who couldn’t had to do penance.

Popular in America since Colonial days, bowling started the American Bowling Congress in 1895, which is now called the United States Bowling Congress. Martin Luther was a bowler.

Located at Pier 60 – just off the West Side Highway – and with 40 bowling lanes, laneside video walls, the flashing lights and sounds of arcade games, Bowlmor gave us the outing we’d long sought: a ride into a zone that settled us into getting our focus back, decimating the days of distraction.

The entrance is a mix of dark hues, symbolic of a thick colorful interior.
To the right of the entrance is this Golf Club: Manhattan’s only four-tiered outdoor driving range. Practice putting, take lessons from professional golfers, feel free to hit full shots.
Entering the building, the first things you see are ropes and harnesses, which Bowlmar claims is NYC’s only indoor ropes course
Stacked on the shelves behind the front desk are bowling shoes. These shoes have a sole which allows a bowler to slide before releasing the ball.
The length from the foul line to the head pin is 60 feet. On either side of the lane are gutters.
Rolling the ball at the pins
Thick bright lounge area

Here, in the brief clip, it’s my second roll at the pins. I knock them down. It’s a spare.

We got a few strikes. See the X in the small square.
With reservation comes food. Chicken tenders, french fries, cheese pizza; also, fruit punch and sauces.
His first attempt at an advanced racing game…

Guess what, he did really well.

I don’t know how he managed it but he came first. He thanked me, and I kissed him.

Though our fingers, elbows, and legs were sore, we were all smiles.

7 thoughts on “Bowlmor Friday Fun At Chelsea Piers

  1. Very cool! First – had no idea bowling has been around that long! Second – nice vid with getting the pins down – and third – enjoyed all the pics and got a feel for this awesome part of the United States –
    Our local bowling alley used to offer free bowling during the summers – 2 games per day – which people usually spent more and ordered food – and my biggest comment about bowling alleys is thank god there is no more smoking indoors because bowling alley used to be as bad as small bars when it came to indoor smoke – ugh

    • I totally agree. Glad most indoors now are strictly no-smoking zones. In NYC most parks are smoke-free and yet people smoke. But they get the message when someone tells them about the fines 🙂

      • Wow – parks are smoke free ?
        Well I do not have a problem with outdoor – usually that is – but small indoor places were like incubators

    • Thanks for the suggestion, amigo. I accessed that link and I don’t think I can post anything anymore. The request for entries came last Thursday I believe and they accepted them until last Saturday. #thursdaydoors is weekly though?

      • Yes – it is weekly and please add this door next week – cos it is extra special and many who share in that forum really enjoy seeing as many unique doors as possible.

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