Breathing Well: In And Out

Prostitution is illegal in the US, except in some rural counties of Nevada state. But it thrives in the alleys of the online world.

Websites like Craigslist and Backpage do what brothels and infamous streets once did. A large percentage of the women – that you see on these websites in New York City – are not locals, and might have exceeded the duration of their tourist visa. Since you can’t solicit in strip clubs, strippers too sign up with these sites.

The advertisement is carefully drafted to avoid direct mention of the offer of sex. But most would assert how much they expect to be paid using the word “donation” for the time spent with them. As long as the girl or the john is not from law enforcement, it’s a happy ending; but, if either is, it has to be established that sex was offered and money had exchanged hands to initiate an arrest.

The fear of getting caught always exists, but the carnal desires potentially overtake these fears. The fewer the arrests, the more the web profiles, the more the discreet hours paid for as donation.

This is a big, treacherous well that nobody should fall into:

One: Anything illegal can’t be legal no matter how conspicuous it is in their vibrant presence. There might be johns who respond to these ads and are lucky to have never been caught, but there might be a first timer, too, who’d arranged a meeting with a police officer in disguise.

Two: The johns and the women should know that condoms, if they even use them, can only guarantee 85% protection. Though latex rubber acts as a brilliant barrier against STDs, including HIV, the 15% possibility that it might break or slip off could be catastrophic if either has STD.

Three (most horrid): You are encouraging trafficking by employing these women (and men) for your eleven minutes of pleasure. Behind the lure of the tempting flesh is a world filled with pain and suffering.

A friend’s friend who I’d never met had signed up with a dating website. He had previously responded to ads on Craigslist and Backpage and when his brother found this out, he’d taken a pledge that he wouldn’t surf those sites to avoid detention and disease. With the dating website, he’d hoped that he’d find someone special; he wanted to get married.

Months later, he informed my friend that though there were intelligent and good-looking women on the site, none responded to his courteous messages. Those – including men – who’d responded, wanted to know if he had fetishes. The more time he’d spent on the site, the better it dawned on him that half of the women and some men were only the upgraded versions of those infamous websites. They’d promised him fun and secrecy, essentially looking for No Strings Attached “sugar daddies” who could pamper, spoil, and give them five-star treats. Dignifying prostitution, if you will.

The last I heard, he’d signed up with a meditation school and was happy to share that he was breathing well – both in and out

Ascend the soul (Photo Challenge). A Miraculous escape from detention and disease (Daily Prompt).

24 thoughts on “Breathing Well: In And Out

  1. You say:
    “Now the question is, how does one stop the urge?
    Well, if you’re single, get a girlfriend – and if you’re married (I am), stay faithful. Is it easy? No. So what does one do? I don’t know.
    Become one with your soul, perhaps?”
    I nod in agreement. And I Think your insights are accurate!…
    I particularly liked this excerpt and appreciate that you shared these notes with us… As nowadays in our sort of . polygamous and promiscuous society sometimes “Love” becomes such an odd word!
    All the best to you, Mahesh! ⭐ Aquileana 😀

  2. At least if it is legal, the women will be entitled to medical checkups and other social rights. Wouldn’t it lessen the human trafficking? Let’s face it, they exist and will continue to exist – legally or otherwise.

  3. Are the johns arrested in the U.S.? I was under the impression that in many countries, only the prostitutes are arrested and not the johns. Probably because the law makers are predominantly men.

    • In the US, the johns are certainly arrested since it is a sex related crime. In fact the vice squad is aggressively targeting the johns; they think that if there is no paying customer, prostitution might cease to exist, which will wipe out trafficking. But it’s easier said than done. Thanks a lot for your inputs.

  4. Ahhh, the endocrine system … such powerful urges … and all this carnal desire existing separately from any sort of sacred framework … well. What can be done. Demand will ever seek supply. I just find it all very sad. Societies are so devoid of reason if not compassion. Legalizing prostitution would certainly improve safety. It’s demeaning enough to offer up one’s body as repository for another’s lustful urges and/or fetishes. Money is little enough compensation. Imprisoning the prostitute seems symbolic of locking up those powerful urges – it cannot be done. As long as humans exist, so too shall they. There are no easy answers. One can only follow one’s own path, in any case. Breathing in and out. Yes. Aloha, Mahesh. All the best to you in the new Year! ❤️

  5. Such an excellent post Mahesh, and I agree with Aquileana.. and Bela, there are no easy answers to those who fall prey, and let us not forget how some who are caught within that trap find it so hard to escape.
    This age old profession has evolved into its finer forms, and those base instincts will always draw in those seeking excitement to their carnal desires .. The problem is, they may get far more than they bargained for..
    So I am pleased your brothers friend is now breathing easy!..

    May I wish you and your family Mahesh a wonderful bright New Year, filled with Happiness, love and Harmony.. All the best for 2018.. 🙂
    Sue 🙂

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