The Getty Center, Los Angeles

When we were in Los Angeles, we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Getty Center.

The J.Paul Getty Museum turned out to be one of the best museums we ever visited: the sculptures, decorative arts, drawings, pre-20th century European paintings, to name a few.

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 094
Museum entrance
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 086
The cable-pulled tram took us from the parking garage at the bottom of the hill to the museum at the top of the hill.  The museum has a 7-story deep underground parking garage.
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 121
One of the outdoor sculptures

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 142

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 140

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 132
Inner courtyard
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 163
Los Angeles, seen from the top of the Getty Center. 405 San Diego Freeway lines the middle.
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 175
Bust of an African woman (in marble) by Henry Weekes
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 212
Bust of Christ (in bronze) by Constantin Meunier
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 214
Head of Saint John the Baptist (in bronze) by Jean-Baptiste Chatigny
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 216
Self-Portrait as Midas (in patinated plaster) by Jean-Joseph Carries. Midas, the mythological king of Phrygia, was known for his foolishness. Apollo, punishing Midas for having favored the satyr Marsyas over himself in a musical contest, gave the king the ears of an ass.


LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 172
Mischief and Repose (oil on canvas) by John Godward
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 184
The Ransom (oil on canvas) by John Millais. Millais’ praise of medieval chivalry is at the same time a lament for its absence in contemporary life


LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 193
A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros (oil on canvas) by William Bouguereau. A young girl playfully struggles with Eros (Cupid) to avoid love’s arrow.
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 202
The Fright of Astyanax (by pen and brown ink) by Benjamin West. As the Trojan hero Hector bids farewell to his family, his son Astyanax is frightened by his father’s helmet and runs to the nurse.
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 229
The Holy Family (oil on canvas) by Joseph Paelinck. Here the Virgin Mary and her mother, Anne, hold the Christ child, while Mary’s husband, Joseph, and her father Joachim, quietly observe.
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 226
Herm of a Vestal Virgin (in marble) by Antonio Canova
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 242
Apollo Crowning Himself (in marble) by Antonio Canova. Apollo’s idealized body and balanced pose recall ancient representations of nude male figures
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 239
Juno (in marble) by Joseph Nollekens
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 238
Venus (in marble) by Joseph Nollekens


LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 234
The Elements Paying Tribute to Friendship (in marble) by Louis-Simon Boizot. The four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) in the guise of ancient gods pay homage to Friendship who’s standing on the pedestal. (Love this one!)
LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 218
Dancer (in bronze) by Paolo Troubetzkoy. Countess Tamara performed throughout Europe and the United States.

More sculptures:

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 243

LA 25 Aug 2011 UCLA Getty Center 222


This visit made me smile (Photo Challenge). While it was breezy, it wasn’t frigid (Daily Prompt).

33 thoughts on “The Getty Center, Los Angeles

  1. This looks like a super find for anyone who loves art and history. I am especially taken with the views and outdoor vistas. Just stunning. When one thinks of a trip to LA the Getty Museum seems like a must do. Thanks for your review of it!

    • Really appreciate your comment, Sue. Yes, one shouldn’t miss the Getty Center. If nothing else, one can take in the incredible aura this architectural beauty has to offer.

    • Thanks a lot, and I really appreciate your time. Though I’m not young myself I try to enjoy it. Perhaps ten years down the line I might think I hadn’t spent enough time. There are subtleties in art that we miss and which make sense as we grow older? Regards.

    • Glad you like it 🙂 I think the whole structure carries an incredible aura. I didn’t want to leave the inner courtyard: the big columns and the breeze. Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. Glad you got to the Getty. I’m no city person, though I do love it when I find myself having to navigate one. And I most always visit museums. LA is rich with them – I hope you were able to take your daughter to the Museum of Science and Industry as well as well as the Natural History Museum. I used to stand for hours, gazing at the dinosaur bones! xoxo

    • We visited the Getty Center a few years ago. Our “son” wasn’t born yet. I was taking a backup of my photos and came across this incredible collection. We couldn’t go to other museums since we wanted to explore more of LA and its Hollywood-ish vibrancy. “I used to stand for hours, gazing at the dinosaur bones!” – Lol – yes that happened when we visited the American Museum of Natural History here in New York. Thanks for your time, dear Bela 🙂 xoxo

  3. Mahesh, thank you so much for this tour! This museum is now on my bucket list! I had no idea how beautiful the Getty Centre actually is. Your photos are stunning. Typically one isn’t allowed to take photos but I guess you can there…or you broke the rules HA. I love the painting of the young girl fighting Eros.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Lisa, and I’m glad it’s on your bucket list 🙂 I was allowed to take all of these pictures. There was a designated no photo/no video hall that kept Gogh, Rembrandt, and other paintings – but people were still clicking – they were blessed their cameras had no flash. Discreet captures, if you will 🙂

  4. Imagine my Joy Mahesh when at last I land upon your blog to see such a wealth of art within each image. I loved the paintings and sculptures and marvelled at the Brown Pen Ink of The Fright of Astyanax. Such skill.
    What a wonderful visit that must have been for you and your family..
    Many thanks Mahesh for sharing and for your lovely support recently.. Its been so appreciated.. Thank you my friend..
    I hope you and your family have a beautiful week
    Blessings your way
    Sue 🙂

    • How kind of you, Sue, and I’m so happy you spent time reading and commenting. I really value that. Yes, the Fright of Astyanax is one of my favorites. Speaking of art, I’d love to see your work here. Some day. Wishful thinking. Your painting is so lifelike – it deserves wider viewing. Have a great weekend, my friend. Regards.

      • Thank you for such a great compliment Mahesh, To be honest my artwork has improved since I have been painting more.. And I was pleased with my Tiger. Though it would have to improve greatly to compete with these Masters!. You too Enjoy your weekend with family 🙂

      • The Tiger painting was just awesome, Sue. Works like that (yes there’s always room for improvement) should find a deserving place in museums. If I’d found your Tiger in the Getty it would’ve been my featured image for the blogpost. I guess marketing and luck play a role too. You are incredibly talented as an artist.

      • Aww thank you kindly Mahesh.. I think most artist of any kind are self critical. 😀 We all have to work on ironing out the negative 🙂 Its like those who write a good book, Some get noticed and become famous while others language on the shelves .. All due to Marketing.. 🙂 and being in the right place at the right time.. 😀 Many thanks again my friend

  5. What gorgeous photos of gorgeous art. I’m so jealous! I lived in the SF Bay area for 20 years, and never made it to the Getty Center. It’s top on my list now, thanks to you. Thanks for bringing it to my home until I can get there!

  6. As the others said, this looks like a wonderful place to visit. So many sculptures to admire, stop and ponder about. Lovely captures. The musuem is such a great getaway if we live in the city and want some quiet yet reflective time – and also educational time. If I ever visit LA I will keep this place in mind 🙂

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