Micro Fiction Competition. Read And Vote.


Though I didn’t win the challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I thank everyone who voted for me. Much appreciated. Attaching my longlisted entry below for a quick read. Thanks.


I am one of the several longlisted to win a very short fiction challenge. Please read and vote.

Since there’s only one URL for all the stories, you’ll have to travel some nonfiction distance.

  1. Click this link: Ad Hoc Fiction: Micro Fiction Competition
  2. Click Tap here to Open under Issue 140: Sage
  3. You’ll see some great stories, but if you want to get to mine, keep clicking top or bottom right until you reach number 24 (or when it says ’23 more’). My story is titled Junk the Clot.
  4. It took me fifty three seconds from here to number 24, thirty seconds to read 82 words, then a decisecond to click on Vote (that is if you like it).
  5. If you love it, please tell others.
  6. If you voted – I’m honored. Really.
  7. Thanks a ton, and loads of love.
Grand Central station

When I See You Smile (Photo Challenge). Luminescent = glowing (Daily Prompt).

19 thoughts on “Micro Fiction Competition. Read And Vote.

  1. I am so sorry that we were sailing when the voting was underway and I didn’t get to vote for this wonderful entry. Great to know that you were shortlisted. You’ll get’em next year.

    • Not proud of the last line, SS. Was in a hurry to post it. I had to use the prompt word ‘sage’ and there was a deadline to meet. ‘Sage scissors’ was meant to do what a ‘sage advice in action’ would 😊

    • Thanks Lisa for your kind words. Truly valued. Fiction is my soul and I write a lot of it – rarely post it here – coming up with my first novel hopefully by mid this year. You’ll see some of my works under Published above. Thanks for your time, and have a great weekend 🙂

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