Accepted And Published Micro Fiction Stories

I’m happy to share that two of my micro fiction stories were accepted and published in AdHoc Fiction. Hope you’ll like it.

Potholes. (Prompt: Land)

Remote Optimism. (Prompt: Room)


If one witnesses this, melancholy might be unlikely (Photo Challenge). At first it’s bliss, then smile, laughter (Daily Prompt).

28 thoughts on “Accepted And Published Micro Fiction Stories

  1. brutal. Scattered like sarcasm – awesome. Could have avoided word ‘mire’ twice in 1 story, unless it was intentional. The climax – chilling.
    Micro Fiction sounds like fun. Its snappy & addictive like finger food. Any more stuff you have here?

  2. Mahesh a well deserved congratulations on your publications. You create a rich scene so quickly with your eloquent words.’Disoensers of grey mire’ …I can see that pothole so clearly. Brilliant work!

  3. Congratulations, Mahesh on your story publications! Potholes was perplexing yet intriguing. I feel the potholes represent the relationship between her and the house (his house, whomever he is). The second story gave me shivers at the last line. Very powerful!

    • You’re spot on re: Potholes, and I love your comment on the second story. So glad it made sense and you liked it. This is encouraging. Thanks a lot, Lisa. Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Congratulations Mahesh. Your micro fiction says volumes in just few words, each one loaded! Never underestimate the power of woman…all those potholes could become wells! Keep it up dear friend, your stories are fresh and poignant. 🙂

    • “…all those potholes could become wells” – powerful, dear friend. Thank a ton for your kind, encouraging words. Feels special. Happy Mother’s Day.

  5. Dear Mahesh, Wow to both of these stories my friend.. So much spoken in so few words, as emotions spill out onto the page bringing both stories into the vivid imagination I already hold..
    So descriptive.. Well done for getting them both published..
    Just fabulous work my friend..
    Blessings and regards..
    Sue 🙂

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