Timeless Echoes by Balroop Singh

Timeless Echoes by Balroop Singh has been published and is available now.

Balroop is one of my favorite writers, and it was an honor to review her captivating work. She has an endearing writing style that mesmerizes and connects, and her peace-based worldview is inspiring.  The book gave me several connect-with-self moments. Such is the power of her writing!

I kindled a copy yesterday because I want to read it again. It’s a prized possession.

See her blog post below for more details:

Timeless Echoes is just a click away now. Click on the link to download it and hear the echoes that would reverberate around you, reminding you of lost opportunities, repressed desires, cherished moments and hope that shimmers through clouds.

Here are all the links:


When Echoes Vibrate

Lilies in the garden spoke to me
Birds sang merrily
Clouds of gloom disintegrated
When I let these echoes vibrate

Mute watchers warbled
Fluttering fervently around me
Stirring hopeful messages
Of joy and bliss

When smoke of your love
Tried to asphyxiate me
When dreams got besieged
I flew on the wings of words

Fears receded when
Sun spread its gold
Creating a fusion of colors
Silently illuminating life.© Balroop Singh

The Editor’s Review:

Half of what we say are lies although they might be considered true, but truth with one’s self is an accepted bundle of lies except for those rare moments of self-realization. These lines right at the start of Timeless Echoes, ‘Each moment is precious, we try to cage it within our heart, where it perches in perfect rampart, embalmed by memories,’ reveal how this book is a healer, promising to lay bare the ills of the soul as it soothes, cleanses, and nurtures; instilling in us a will to learn and live without fear, and a will to not hurt others: ‘Why can’t our hearts feel the hurt we hurl at others?’

Balroop’s new book is a steadfast repudiation of those ills that we painfully hide under the covers of our flesh to present the polished exterior as truth. This magnetic collection of poems highlights our precious human lives with all their varied emotions and imposing relations: the lives often blinded by the strictures of the self-made duplicity, an excessively common phenomenon. ‘Listen to your heart, my friend. It knows you well,’ she writes.

I treasure these ‘forgetting fragile facets of love, facade of fading memories, echoes of dwindling love, is all I have now, yet love echoes refuse to subside’ believing that love echoes are soul-launched signals, ready to hug our pretenses to forge a divine assimilation because the struggle has always been with the self that we excommunicate to build up a wall, which obscures the travails plaguing the core. And finding a path to the core is the cure since there’s no villainy in the soul.

As Balroop proclaims ‘love is such a strange emotion, it gives less, it claims more…the facade of love is so delusive,’ I concur how our infirmities require urgent banishment, more pressing now than ever. And once I’ve made peace with the self, ‘the dark corridors are like meadows, they glow with my presence.’ Yes, without an iota of my own falsehoods plaguing me.
  Mahesh Nair

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Balroop Singh


Two other updates:

My kid won two gold medals in a Martial Arts tournament. The theme was be a buddy, not a bully. How relevant to our times, and to Timeless Echoes.

Some of the longlistees. I’m an alphabetical topper 🙂

I am long-listed for Reflex Fiction prize. Getting long-listed is like winning since it’s a tough competition. Most of the other longlistees are flash fiction experts, so it’s great to be placed among them. All the longlistees will feature in a print anthology that’ll come out early next year. It’s a win-win accomplishment. Thanks.

20 thoughts on “Timeless Echoes by Balroop Singh

  1. Thank you Mahesh, for highlighting ‘Timeless Echoes’ at your blog. I am delighted to note that such kindness is alive around us. My heart is overflowing today with gratitude…you have the heart of gold…not like the one Midas had though! 🙂 Please keep it like that. Wishing you great success.
    I am thrilled to note that you consider this book worth reading more than once. Wow! you made my day! Your words seem like old, classic music to my ears. Stay blessed!

  2. Oh! While flying high on the wings of ecstasy, I forgot to congratulate you on your achievements. Great accomplishment for your kid – two gold medals! I am sure you can keep one! Awesome presence of mind to link it with timeless echoes though I talk about emotional aspects of life but the effect of bullying is connected more with emotions. Looking forward to the print anthology, which features your contribution. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks again 🙂 “I talk about emotional aspects of life but the effect of bullying is connected more with emotions” – you said it! God bless.

  3. So many great things in this post Mahesh. Congratulations on being long listed. What an accomplishment! I smiled ear to ear at you including your son’s medals. You must be very proud.
    Your eloquent review of Balroop’s work a delight to read. Sincere congratulations to you both!

  4. I read your review of Balroop’s new book on her blog. What thoughtful words to say of her writing, and it must have been humbling for you to be an editor for the book. Self-realisation is so hard because it often means taking a hard long look at ourselves and admitting things we don’t want to hear. Congrats to your son on winning two gold medals. Sounds like he is a fighter with a good heart 🙂 Congrats to you too on being shortlisted for the Reflex fiction prize, and to be in the anthology. Not every day that happens. A lovely win for you and maybe you will win again 🙂

      • Thank you for writing and sharing so honestly as always, Mahesh. Looking forward to reading more from you. You too have a good rest of the week.

    • Thank you Mabel for reading and sharing your reflections here too. Your consistent support is immensely valued. Mahesh has presented the essence of the theme that runs through most of the poems and I must say he possesses a discerning eye too! I am blessed to be connected with such blogger friends who are invaluable. Stay blessed dear friend.

  5. Mahesh, a superb review of Balroop’s latest book – you weave in her lines of poetry seamlessly with your thoughts about the poems overall. You praise is exceptional and compelling – who would not be moved by your comment that ‘this book is a healer, promising to lay bare the ills of the soul as it soothes, cleanses, and nurtures; instilling in us a will to learn and live without fear, and a will to not hurt others.’ Fantastic!

    Congratulations to your two sons and what a perfect and topical theme for their award and also well done to you for being long-listed! Brilliant and good luck on reaching the final!

    • Thanks a lot, Annika, for your lovely comment. I read it twice 🙂 Felt special. I had a wonderful time reading/reviewing Balroop’s book. She is a fantastic writer. Have a great rest of the week 🙂

    • Rightly said Annika…the editor’s review by Mahesh has added so much value to ‘Timeless Echoes.’ it is indeed ‘exceptional.’ I couldn’t post whole of it as editorial review has a restriction of 3000 characters but the beginning of my book is adorned with his review…so well-written and the words you have quoted compress the theme of the book superbly! Thanks for sharing your view. Have a nice week.

  6. Wow, accolades all around! Congratulations on being shortlisted for the fiction prize, richly deserved; to your son for his medals, and for undertaking the editing of Balroop’s latest book. I wish you All success! Wonderful. Aloha and Namaste. 🙏🏽🌈🌺💕❤️🌺😘🤗

  7. Thanks Bela for your kindness. Really appreciate it. I loved Balroop’s book and will read it again. She has a magical finesse to her writing, and there’s so much to learn. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful writers, including “you.” Such an honor it’s been. Namaste. 🙂 🙂

  8. Dear Mahesh what a beautiful review of Balroops most excellent poetry.. I agree with you Balroop indeed inspires us with truth, and as a follower of her fine words, I agree she sees so much of how human nature drives us and wounds us.. Yet I am always enlightened and uplifted by her wisdom..
    Many thanks for sharing her words here.. ❤

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