London Independent Story Prize


I’m chuffed that my story has been highly recommended at the fabulous London Independent Story Prize. The link to my short interview and flash piece is here. Thanks a lot for reading.


19 thoughts on “London Independent Story Prize

  1. Wow.. First congratulations Mahesh… Second I loved clicking the links and went over to read your interview and back story of your love of writing.. 😀 and then to the Highly recommended story its self.. One I did not expect.. But your writing was gripping and descriptive and told such a lot within that short story..

    Many thanks Mahesh for sharing.. May your writing career continue to prosper and grow.. wishing you well in all you do..

    Take care my friend.. And enjoy the rest of your week..
    Blessings Sue 🙂

  2. Congratulations Mahesh. Your interview is interesting as well as insightful. I smiled at your “intensely boring life”…all jobs seem so. There is some truth in what they say, “learn to love your job” or “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life…”
    I appreciate your concern for emotions in writing, need for timely justice and respect for women in all societies. It is the emotion that makes the story gripping as readers can easily relate to such stories. However, many modern novels just throw in some superficial characters who chase meaningless pursuits in the name of “thrillers” or “fantasy!” A good story is the one in which reality and fantasy mingle finely. Flash fiction is really challenging as writing within a word limit, and compressing it is a subtly chiselled art. You have done a wonderful job with your story, which says so much! I admire your grit of venturing into the most difficult genre.
    Thank you for the link that has published the stories of winners. Wishing you more success. Stay blessed.

    • You’re always encouraging and I often read your comments twice 🙂 Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life – thanks for this great reminder. Glad you liked the story! I’m beginning to love flash fiction so much I don’t consider it a task anymore, and there’s no end to learning or perfecting the skills required. Thanks a lot, dear Balroop.

    • Thanks so much Tina for your time. It’d taken me a while to decide whether to send this story or not. I wasn’t proud of the violence or brutality in it but was thrilled to learn LISP would publish a short interview with it. Glad I got that opportunity.

  3. Mahesh a huge congratulations to you! Wonderful to read more about you. Interesting that a deadline motivates you as it does for me. I never used to be that way always having things done ahead of time. Now I seem to fly close to deadline all the time. I have to say I doubt your life is intensely boring. At any rate big pats on the back to you my friend.

  4. Mahesh feel free to delete this but I wanted to point out that when someone goes to tweet your post fro mthe Twitter icon below your article this is what comes up…
    London Independent Story Prize via @wordpressdotcom

    You want to have your twitter handle rather than the generic @wordpress,com so people can find you.Apologies if I am overstepping but it was another blogger who pointed this out to me a few years ago. Just paying it forward.

  5. Congratulations, Mahesh! 😀🎉 It’s always a boost with this type of recognition. It was interesting learning how you came to write and your thoughts about fiction. I was taken with your emphasis of emotion in a piece and agree wholeheartedly. As for your flash fiction … wow! Intense, brutal and a hard read … but brilliantly so. Well done.

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