A ‘First Prize’ and a dream publication

This post, I know, is coming after a long delay.

But: I’m pleased to share that my story Project Compassion won first place at Strands Publishers Fiction Prize. It was my first win and, therefore, special.

You may read the story here.

Besides, Barren Magazine accepted my story 1984, Delhi. It was special, too, considering the magazine receives hundreds of submissions, publishing only a few. Please access the story here.

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “A ‘First Prize’ and a dream publication

  1. My God, Mahesh, this is an amazing accomplishment!!!! We are truly so happy for you to finally get the recognition you so very much deserve. This could not have happened to a better “Fiction” Author, and all round talented writer, with a huge heart that matches his gifts……We are truly very excited for you Brother, and we always wishing you and your Family all the best in all your future endeavors!!!


    Tracy & Joy xoxo


  2. Well I tried to leave a comment and like the post, but it kept taking me around in circles and wouldn’t let me do it. So I’ll say it here:

    Great short story. Good writing. The last line is chilling. More so because it is often more true than not. πŸ˜’πŸ˜˜

  3. Mahesh, wow! I love this story, superb writing, such brevity yet touches on so many themes. Terrific unexpected ending! Congratulations and it is always amazing to win and gives such a boost! I’m off to read your magazine win as well!

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