Battered-White In Santo Domingo


A graveyard anywhere is a blunt reality that we may relate to or run away from. In the blazing heat of the day, the white cross might look calm and inviting, but the cross, under the lights of the night, plunges the cemetery into obscurity, where the mystery might be as good as alive.

The Spirit House At Royal Ontario


I captured this image of the Spirit House, which was a hall of intrigue with myriad story possibilities, at Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Daniel Libeskind, the architect of the Freedom Tower in New York City, designed Lee-Chin Crystal; also designing some of the chairs in the Spirit House.

The stainless steel chairs synced well with the crystalline surrounding. From the center of the house, one could see in the arch above an interwoven pattern of concrete, which linked exhibit spaces with elevators, speaking of conflicts in stories.